TitleNotifier.js – Notifications In Your Webpage Title

TitleNotifier.js – Notifications In Your Webpage Title


Happy Monday! Today we are introducing TitleNotifier.js, a lightweight, dependency-free javascript library to dynamically show the number of unread notifications in your webpage title.

Like Facebook and Twitter do in their web apps, let your users know when they have a new notification, and bring them back to your page to take some action. Great for real-time web applications!

TitleNotifier.js is very easy to use.

Getting Started

Download the project and include the js file before </body>

<script src="title_notifier.js"></script>


Add a notification (+1)


Substract a notification (-1)


Set the notification to a specific value


Reset the notification count (NOTE: this removes the notification, it does not sets it to 0)



Very simple to use, requires only JavaScript (does not require JQuery, nice!), +1, -1, set to a number, or reset. Can’t be more simple than that and that’s why we recommend it for your next project.

Although this plugin have everything that you might need in your project, I believe that there are a couple of options that would be nice to have:

  • Get the current number of notifications
  • Set a limit of notifications to show. If we set it to 99 it will show (99+), maintaining the total number behind the scenes.

What other features would you like to see in future versions of this plugin? Share your thoughts


We have been working on an enhanced version of TitleNotifier.js. You can get the enhanced version on GitHub. We have included two methods we recommended to the creator and already submitted the pull request for them. Please feel free to check it out and contribute to this library.

View on GitHub